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Wings Gymnastics Academy in Sioux Falls offers a gymnastics program where ALL kids can SOAR. We truly believe that gymnastics is important for every child. Through gymnastics a child experiences sensory motor training. This not only helps the child learn motor skills but stimulates the brain as well!

Maybe your little gymnast is the next great Olympic champion, maybe not. The lessons they learn at Wings Gymnastics Academy can be a springboard to all sorts of sporting activities; baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, you name it.

Most importantly, gymnastics is VERY fun! And that is our goal. Children love to bounce, flip, jump and twirl! At Wings Gymnastics Academy we put all that crazy energy to work for your child. Our program allows children at any developmental level to learn and thrive in a non-competitive environment!

Owner and Program Director, Alicia Reiners, has a passion for working with children. She has over 17 years combined competition and coaching experience.

Let us show you how our program is different. Come join us for a free trial class!


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Wings Gymnastics Academy
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