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Alicia Reiners

Owner/ General Manager

Alicia owner of Wings Gymnastics and is on the Management Team. She coaches everything from preschool to High school. She loves it all! Alicia played soccer longer than she was a gymnast. It was not her sport but she tried her hardest!

Courtney Promes

Youth Class Dept. Leader

Courtney is the Class Department Leader. She also coaches when she can! Courtney has a new addition that will be helping her in the gym, Mr. Westin! She used to be terrified of big dogs but now, her favorite dog is a 90 lb German Shepherd!

Liz Ward

Front Office Dept. Leader

Liz is the Front Office Department Leader. She has 4 wild and crazy kids, 3 boys and the newest addition, June! Liz preferred dance over gymnastics growing up! Liz cannot survive without about a pot of coffee each day.

Jackie Johnsen

Marketing / Events Dept. Leader

Jackie has been with Wings for 3 years. She is the Marketing Department Leader and Camp Program Leader. Although as an adult she cannot stand bugs or snakes/lizards of any kind growing up in Texas she used to catch salamanders and lizards on a daily basis.

Michelle | Sioux Falls Gymnastics Instructor

Michelle Anderson

lil' Wings Program Leader

Michelle has been with Wings for 6 1/2 years. She is the Preschool Program Leader. She coaches Mini Wings through High Flyers. Michelle has visited 44 states with her family. She loves to travel!

Hailey Teske

Competitive Program Leader

Hailey is the Competitive Program Leader. She has coached for over 5 years. Miss Ivy is her new addition and partner in crime! A fun fact about Hailey is she does not like Mayo or Ranch!

Abbie Kribell

Care Program Leader

Abbie is Wings Before and After School Care Program Leader. She was a gymnast for over 10 years and coached for 3! A fun fact about Abbie is that she has webbed toes!

Wyatt Reiners

Youth Class Coach

Wyatt has worked at Wings for 2 1/2 years. He coaches Mini Gliders/Gliders. Wyatt learned how to surf in California!

Austin Reiners

lil'Wings Coach

Austin has been working at Wings for 4 years. He coaches Preschool classes and High Flyers. Austin once got a hole in one with his Aunt’s clubs!

Keira Boetel

Team Coach

Keira is attending the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. She is a current gymnast there and has competed level 10 before college gymnastics! Keira has 3 younger sisters and can Irish dance! 

Isabelle Reiners

Youth Class Coach

Isabelle (also known as Izzy) has done gymnastics since she could walk! She is a Level 9 gymnast. Izzy loves to wear Christmas sweaters all year long.

Amber Bergman

Youth Class Coach

Amber has worked at Wings for 2 years! Amber competed on the High School gymnastics team when she was a freshman in High School. She is now a competitive cheerleader for Harrisburg High School. A fun fact about Amber is that she has two different sized thumbs!

Eva Knudtson

Youth Class Coach

Eva has been a gymnast for 12 years! She attends Lincoln High School and is an avid babysitter. Eva loves to travel!

Morgan Sandness

Youth Class Coach

Morgan has been a gymnast for 13 years! She has coached for 2 1/2 years at Wings. Morgan loves to talk! She utilities her loudness to assert her leadership!

Mia Andrejeski

Youth Class Coach

Mia was a competitive gymnast from elementary school to middle school and then continued with 2 years of High School gymnastics. On top of that, she owns her own horse and competitively rides horses! She plans on attending SDSU this fall. 

Ashley Reisch

Youth Class Coach / Summer Camp Counselor

Ashley has been with Wings for 4 years! She has been in cheerleading for 16 years but has been tumbling since she was 2. Ashley loves to shop ethically and responsibly. Being eco-conscious is very important to her!

Bailey Reisch

Youth Class Coach

Baylie has been coaching gymnastics for 2 years! She is a senior at Harrisburg High School. In her free time, she loves to dance! Baylie’s favorite style of dance is lyrical.

Ellie Rew

Team Coach

Ellie has been with Wings for 3 years. She coaches Advanced High School. Ellie has a pet frog named Crunchy.

Macy Schipper

Youth Class Coach

Macy was a gymnast for 4 years and has coached at Wings for 3 years! Macy coaches everything from preschool to advanced! Macy has never broken a bone!!

Kenzee Danielson

Team Coach

Kenzee has been a gymnast for a long time! She competed up to a level 10! She has been coaching since she was 14 years old. Kenzie is going to USD to become a surgeon!

Paige Himmerich

Youth Class Coach

Paige is an advanced 3 gymnast. She has coached for 2 years! Paige was almost born 3 months early but hung in there for another 2 months!

Stephen Callahan

Youth Class Coach

Stephen has coached for 4 years. He has 5 siblings! He is the middle child. Stephen’s back tuck is better than his cartwheel! Cartwheels are a lot harder than they look!

Amarise Okken

Youth Class Coach

Amarise has been a gymnast for 6 years! She has been coaching at Wings for over a year. Amarise has 2 parrots and 2 axolotls as pets at her house!

Robin Jacobs

Front Desk Staff

Robin is our friendly face weekday mornings at the front desk! She has raised two beautiful children and is currently mentoring 3 High School students. Robin has 3 sisters but no brothers!

Pam Hawks

Front Desk Staff

Pam is part of the front desk staff.She have been at Wings 1 year and always ready to help anyone who comes to Wings on Saturday’s.

Noah Hansen

Team Coach

Noah has coached at Wings for 2 1/2 years. He coaches intermediate and advanced girls. Noah is competing on the ASU Collegiate Men’s Gymnastics Team!

Chloe Ferguson

Youth Class Coach/Before & After School Teacher

Chloe is attending the University of Sioux Falls studying social work. She has coached for over 4 years coaching everything from preschool to advanced classes! Chloe loves to do handstands!

Britton Peterson

Britton has been a self taught gymnast since she was two years old. She joined her High School gymnastics team at Washington High School. Britton is able to name all 50 states in Alphabetical order! 

Claire Brown

Youth Class Coach

Claire was an advanced gymnast! She is the oldest of the 4 children in her family and has babysat since she was 10. Claire has held and fed a shark!!

Bree Koepke

Youth Class Coach

Bree has been a gymnast for 8 years competing in the Xcel program. She now competes for Jefferson High School. Bree has 4 pets in her household. 2 cats named Pumpkin and Ginger and 2 dogs named Oogi and Naga.

Terri Seeley

Front Desk Staff

Terri is our new friendly face at the front desk! She has been active in the Big Brother Big Sister Program. Terri has a pup named Rocco who loves to chase bubbles! 

Allison Heikes

Youth Class Coach

Allison has been a gymnast for 8 years and has competed for 4 years! She loves to babysit whenever she can. Two foods Allison cannot stand are peas and bananas! 

Brielle Whalen

Team Coach

Brielle has coached gymnastics for almost 7 years! She cheered for 8 years with one of them being at SDSU. Brielle has two doggies named Scooby and Nova.

Emma Maeschen

Youth Class Coach

Emma has been in gymnastics for 12 years! She has coached for 2. Emma is the oldest of 5 children! She has torn her ACL so now she has one instead of two!!

Joslyn Anderson

Youth Class Coach

Joslyn has been a gymnast for 7 years! She has 4 siblings. Joslyn is terrified of frogs. Kermit the Frog may be an exception!  

Olivia Hruby

Team Coach/Youth Class Coach

Olivia was a competitive gymnast for 8 years! She has been doing gymnastics since she was 2 years old. Fun fact about Olivia: she does not like cheese! Say what??

Grace Stroschein

Youth Class Coach

Grace was a gymnast for 7 years. She has coached at Wings for 2 years. She has always been around kids and loves to nanny! Grace also loves animals….except for butterflies!

Kit Peltier

Youth Class Coach

Kit is a current level 10 gymnast! She has been a gymnast for almost 10 years! She loves helping younger girls in the gym when she can. Before she became a gymnast, she was a dancer!

Ava Manning

Youth Class Coach

Ava is attending the Stewart School of Cosmetology. She was a level 6 gymnast. She was competed on the high school team for 6 years. Ava’s favorite animal is a turtle!

Ella Cornett

Youth Class Coach

Ella has been a gymnast for 9 years! She is currently on the Roosevelt High School gymnastics team. She has also coached gymnastics summer camps for 3 years. Ella also plays Tennis!

Meghan Johnson

Youth Class Coach

Meghan has been a gymnast for 10 years! She is a Level 9 gymnast. She has coached all ages over the past few years. Meghan has lived in 3 different states in her life!

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