Stylin’ New Wings Wear

Hi Wings Families,

You have been asking about shirts, pants, hoodies and tees and here is your chance. We have partnered with a new line to that offers awesome youth and adult screen printed and embroidered apparel. Men, woman and teens, we have you covered. Whether it’s a gift, wear while watching a practice or to cheer on during a meet, now is the time to stock up!

Here are some important things to know when you order:
1. DO NOT ORDER ONLINE. You must use the order form listed below titled WebOrder_Wings.
2. Turn in the order form into the front desk and we will charge your account appropriately.
3. October 23rd is the last day to turn in any orders! There are no exceptions.
4. If you do accidentally order online, you will be charged a convenience fee (added by the website) that cannot be refunded. The website is not managed by Wings. You will however be refunded for the clothing and will still need to fill out the paper form.

Here is how to view the new products!

-Go to
-Click on Corporate Web Stores at top of page
-Click on Wings Gymnastics logo
-Enter the password WINGS2020 (case sensitive)
-Attached order form

Once you have picked out what you would like to order, please, fill out the order form attached and turn it into the office. We will process your payment through the payment method listed on file unless you would like to pay another way!

Please, let us know if you have any other questions!
Hope you enjoy your new Wings wear as much as we will.

Wings Gymnastics