Wings Online

We are bringing gymnastics to you! Join us starting May 1st as we kick off      Wings Online, our newest program that consists of online classes and virtual content. This new program includes a weekly Zoom class and weekly instructional videos and content for all age ranges and class levels; lil’Wings through High School. We have incorporated strength and conditioning, skill focus, games and obstacle courses that all can be done safely at home. 

Can’t wait to get back to the gym?  Neither can we and in the meantime, Wings Online is an ideal solution that offers the opportunity for gymnasts to stay engaged with coaches, other gymnasts, maintain a positive mental attitude and condition their bodies while working towards the same end goals to be gym ready when we are all back together.  Check out the Zoom Class Structure and a the Virtual Content information below.  When you are done, email us to register or with any questions at

Zoom Class Structure:

  1. Quick cardio warm-up
  2. Stretching- this is a must
  3. Skill focus
    1. Starting from square one and work on up
    1. Each drill builds on the one before until we have completed the skill
  4. Strength items related to our skill focus
  5. Splits

Virtual (taped) Content:

  1. Skill lesson
  2. Strength workouts
  3. Complex
  4. Games and obstacle courses
  5. Stretching workouts

Past Zoom Classes

To register or for more information on the class schedule and the pricing structure, please email us at

We are so excited about Wings Online and we are positive you will be as well. We see this program taking flight. For those that are in need of a short interim break and still want the best content available for your gymnast, what an excellent opportunity we have in store for you. Now your gymnast won’t feel as though he or she has lost skills and missed too much time in the gym.

Wings Online, check it out.