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Wings has carefully designed superior levels of classes that suit every child's ability and age! We have classes for kids walking to 18 years. From Beginners to Advanced, Non-Competitive to Competitive. We have the perfect fit!

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Lil' Wings- walking-4yrs

Our lil’Wings Program is designed to guide little ones through sensory motor training in a FUN, POSITIVE environment! We want each child in this program to feel special and LOVE gymnastics day. We want to make learning all the great stuff they learn through gymnastics happen in a way that is MAGICAL and FUN!  These FUN 45-minute theme based class is for boys and girls. The classes are designed to teach children basic gymnastics skills, refine gross motor skills, teach balance, coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Children will start learning to do skills independently. In addition to gymnastics the child will learn valuable social skills, like following simple directions, taking turns, and patience.

Beginner Girls Gymnastics

Designed for children ages 5 and up. Girls are taught gymnastics skills that increase strength and flexibility. Your child can experience the satisfaction that comes from mastering a new skill. Our Recreational classes create a safe, positive, and fun-loving environment for children of all ages. These classes can elevate your child into a competitive team but do not necessarily need to. The difference in classes is age ranges. PLEASE CALL FOR ENROLLMENT> Some classes may have make-ups in them causing them to look full!

Intermediate & Advanced Girls Gymnastics

Classes are designed for children who have mastered basic skills on all events. More advanced skills are taught during these longer class periods. As a more disciplined class, gymnasts will begin learning and perfecting more advanced skills such as back walkovers, round offs, back handsprings, back hip circles and so much more. Please call us at 605.271.8242 or contact us for more information.

Ninja & Boys Gymnastics

Ninja classes are very fast paced and designed with boys in mind. The Boys learn combinations of flips, rolls, jump, and kicks in addition to strength and agility. Our Ninjas will start each day working on their Ninja training and then continue to advance on our boy’s skills in all six men’s Olympic events, Pommel Horse, Rings, Floor, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. Each week our Ninjas will work on two of those events to advance skills necessary for the Ninja program and all other gymnastics classes. Gymnastics is a great foundation for any other sport!


Our Tumbling classes are a blast and are designed for the student that peeked interest is concentrating only on the floor and trampoline. Cartwheels, round offs and backhand springs will be taught in out Tumbling classes. Tumbling classes are also a great supplement for dancers and cheerleaders.

Competitive Program

Our Team Program exists to provide every participant with a chance to succeed through the development of long-term life skill and incorporate confidence, and perseverance every day. Being on a competitive team not only will develop sportsmanship, goalsetting, respect and teamwork but deliver a strong work ethic and a love of exercise and accomplishment.

Special Needs

Gymnastics is a motor-sensory sport and is excellent for children with special needs. Instruction not only targets the child’s physical development but also encourages growth in the areas of turn-taking, social skills, and group cooperation. Parents are encouraged to contact Wings to share a bit about their child’s individual needs and determine which class would be most appropriate. While some students are equipped to do well with our mainstream classes, other require more supportive classes that have a reduced student to instructor ratio. Wings provides every opportunity for your child to soar and has a scholarship program in place where up to five kids are granted a yearly tuition to Wings Gymnastics Academy. Call Wings today @ 605-271-8242 to learn more.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. Please call us at 605.271.8242 or contact us for more information.

Harrisburg High School Gymnastics

Harrisburg High School Gymnastics is only entering it’s 3rd season the winter of 2019. We are fortunate to be able to have WINGS be our home workout and competition gym! We will have the 2019-2020 schedule posted, please join us for our THREE home meets! Our Lady Tigers love having all the support and encouragement as they begin their new endeavor in this fabulous sport. Please call us at 605.271.8242 or contact us for more information.

Why walk when you can SOAR!