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Daniel McCarty Hosts Skills Clinics

Skills Classes and Clinics provide a focused training in one or more areas of gymnastics. Skills Classes and Clinics offer gymnasts the opportunity to work on fundamentals, perfect current skills and learn new ones. 

Daniel McCarty, clinician with Gym Progressions travels around the globe working with athletes and coaches, in an attempt to help each achieve their best. 

Upcoming Skills Clinics with Coach Daniel McCarty 


February 17

Upper Level Vault Clinic: 2/17 @ 4:00-5:30

Let’s get flipping!! The vault clinic we have all been waiting for! Learn from the best and discuss drills and techniques to take your upper level vault to the next level. We will be covering the importance of the entry to the Yurchenko and Tsuk vault, helping to pin point and fix minor mistakes that can make a major difference in your vault! We will also be covering flipping and twisting techniques for these advanced vaults to help you better your consistency and performance of this vault. Open to JO Optional levels 6-10!

Upper Level Release Clinic (highs to lows & same bar): 2/17 @ 5:30-7:00

It is what it says it is! We will be hosting more specific bar clinics this go around! Work with Coach Dan on your upper level releases! From toe shoots, paks, overshoots, to tkatchevs and jaegers! If you’re an optional level gymnast you won’t want to miss this! We will be talking progressions to connections of releases! Open to JO Optional Levels 6-10!

Upper Level Floor Setting Clinic: 2/17 @ 7:00-8:30 

The set! It’s what turns the back tuck into the double tuck! Learn some ways to improve your forward & backwards set when tumbling on floor! This is great for any gymnast that is already able to do a salto on the floor! Highly suggested for gymnasts currently flipping or learning to flip layouts, and fulls, forward & backward! Open to Xcel levels Gold & Platinum, and JO Optional levels 6-10.


February 20

Back hip circle & Undershoot clinic: 2/20 @ 2:30-3:30

Master the skill that leads to so many different advanced skills on bars! Learning and being able to complete a clean and tight straight arm back hip circle undershoot is essential to the entire world of bars. Spend some time learning the shape and control needed to perfect this oh so important skill! If you have a goal to get better at bars or simply love it, you wont want to miss this! Open to Intermediate, Advanced, and ALL Xcel team levels.

Beginner Floor Clinic: 2/20 @ 3:30-4:30

Basics, Basics, Basics. Coach Daniel prides himself in being able to make the most out of basics on every event. We will be focusing in this clinic on the basic floor elements such as the round off, back handspring, and front handspring! If you are a beginner on floor, you wont want to miss this clinic! Open to Intermediates, Advanced, and Xcel levels Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Kip Clinic: 2/20 @ 4:30-5:30

Kips you say?! Getting a kip is almost every beginner competitive gymnasts dream! Whether you have your kip but not consistently, you’re SUPER close to getting your kip, or if you are still trying to master that glide swing, this clinic will benefit you! We will be focusing on each aspect of the kip helping each gymnast to master these movements. A lot of focus on shaping and strength will help both the gymnast and coaches to understand the importance of being able to hold these shapes along with being able to move while holding these shapes! A lot of dedication and repetition is needed to obtain a kip however our goal for this clinic is not for everyone to leave with a kip, but to rather gain an understanding of the ability and strength needed to obtain a kip! Open to Intermediates, Advanced, and ALL Xcel team levels.

Beginner Vault Clinic: 2/20 @ 5:30-6:30

Let’s get running, punching, and blocking!! This vault clinic is for the beginner vaulter to help them harness their power and understand the shaping and power needed for a GREAT front handspring vault! We will be using many drills and shaping work to help each gymnast achieve and understand what is needed and looked for in a front handspring vault! If you would like to be able to increase your speed and power in your vault and understand what a front handspring vault should look and feel like, this clinic is the one fo you!! Open to Advanced and ALL Xcel Levels!


February 24

Upper level bar dismount clinic: 2/24 @ 4:00-5:30

Let’s get flipping and twisting! Bar dismounts are hard to upgrade once you have found one that you have mastered! Daniel will be working with upper level gymnasts that are wanting to upgrade or master a new dismount off bars. Open to JO Optionals level 7-10!

Upper Level Floor Doubles Clinic (double flipping and twisting): 2/24 @ 5:30-7:00

Whats better than one? TWO!  Get rockin’ with some double tucks, pikes, layouts and maybe throw some twists in there too? Coach Daniel is pumped to discuss the mechanics of some upper level floor skills with you! Find new ways to drill the skill without any hard tumbling, along with straight up just throwing some fun skills! Open to JO optionals level 6-10.

Giant Clinic: 2/24 @ 7:00-8:30

What better to pair with a solid cast handstand than with a beautiful set of giants! This is another great bar clinic for the beginner Optional gymnast to attend! We will be working on the progressions of the giant along with shaping and timing tools to help you with your giant! This is great for anyone working both giants on real bar, low bar, or strap bar! Open to Xcel Platinum and all JO Optional levels!

Did you know? 

Daniel has been involved in gymnastics most his life.  As an athlete he was a two-time member of the Junior National Development Team, qualifying twice to train at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  

You name it, Daniel has done it. From open gyms and birthday parties to coaching pre-school through all team levels and spotting for optional levels.  With his diverse background, Daniel maintains his belief in the importance of coaching all levels of gymnastics.  That belief has been driven by the importance of perfecting basics and body shaping, flawless form, and extensive general and event specific conditioning.  Building blocks that need to be established long before the athlete begins training optional level gymnastics.

Why Daniel? 

Daniel’s resume speaks for itself.  He has been instrumental in the development of teams that have accumulated dozens of State Championship titles, competed against the best in the country at all levels; produced countless individual State, Regional, and National Champions; developed numerous athletes that have received Division 1 scholarships; presented at State, Regional, and National level conferences; and has been the honored recipient of literally thousands of hugs an high fives.  

You do not want to miss out on an opportunity to train with Daniel.