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Meet The Staff

 We are going to spend the next few blog posts introducing you to our staff here at Wings. I will start by introducing myself and my family. My name is …Read More

Cartwheels Are Fun

What is a cartwheel?  A cartwheel is a basic skill in gymnastics that every young gymnast dreams of having! The gymnast will start in a stance with one leg in …Read More

High Five For Summer Camp 2021

Here’s a High Five on this years summer camp. FUN –  Be prepared for daily excitement, fun activities, water activities, gym time, outdoor games, interesting crafts, fabulous educational speaker, and …Read More

Oh Yes She Did!

 When Coach Teske talks, ears peak up to listen! In fact, most everyone wants to hear what she has to say. Generally, it will be one of four things; constructive …Read More

Daniel McCarty Hosts Skills Clinics

Skills Classes and Clinics provide a focused training in one or more areas of gymnastics. Skills Classes and Clinics offer gymnasts the opportunity to work on fundamentals, perfect current skills …Read More

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