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Oh Yes She Did!

 When Coach Teske talks, ears peak up to listen! In fact, most everyone wants to hear what she has to say. Generally, it will be one of four things; constructive criticism, words of encouragement, singing songs of praise or simply yelling “atta-girl” from across the gym!!!  Yes, Coach Teske provides all the right stuff that everyone wants to hear. On top of her personable skills, she is a phenomenal coach with an over arching ability to build trust with every gymnast she encounters. Her level of commitment goes above and beyond perfecting skills and drills, and right to becoming a better person from the inside out. Coach Teske recognizes all the moments as they happen that help build and shape an individuals character.

With that, I introduce you to the Gymnast(s) of the Meet, Watertown Sweetheart Spectacular February 19-21, 2021!



Jayde Kludt

  • She did an amazing job being brave enough to be the first routine on floor of the whole meet weekend! Along with not having her other silver mates along side her. Jayde was very supportive of the other girls in her rotation and really showed what a great teammate she is!


Khloe Johnsen

  • She came to Watertown ready to take care of business! Khloe did her first round off back handspring by herself at this meet without even a hesitation!! She killed it on absolutely everything. Great work Khloe!



Allie Myhre

  • Allie did a stellar job at the Watertown meet! Even though it wasn’t her best meet of the year she held it together for her team and was super supportive as well! She showed a great example of how to work hard the entire time!



Izzy Reiners

  • For flipping her first vault in competition! She had a rough time at warm-ups and even though she was struggling she didn’t let it get her down ONE BIT! She killed it in competition and stuck her first vault! She did such a great job!


Way to go girls, Coach Teske is so proud of you!!!