High Five For Summer Camp 2021 - Wings Gymnastics

High Five For Summer Camp 2021

Here’s a High Five on this years summer camp.

FUN –  Be prepared for daily excitement, fun activities, water activities, gym time, outdoor games, interesting crafts, fabulous educational speaker, and SO much more. The whole driven purpose of Wings Summer Camp is to have pure, simple fun every single day! The laughter factor of Summer Camp is a great way of emoting fun; laughter happens not only every day, but all day! Kids are allowed to be kids and they are required to enjoy the excitement of just being a kid, without any worries in the world while they are here!

FRIENDS – Whether coming to Wings Summer Camp by yourself, or with a small group of friends, it will nearly impossible to escape making new friends each week. Interaction with other kids is a necessity when it comes to gym time, games/activities, and play time! Feeling loved, and giving love, (which is also known as friendship) is an important part of emotional and social growth. Wings Summer Camp will insure that this growth will flourish and mature!

FAMILY –  Here at Wings, every person of every age, is family. Once you walk through the doors, you will always be treated as member of our family! Each child at Wings Summer Camp, quickly become welcomed into the ‘family’ and are always treated as such, and always will be. Each staff member, and child, cares, respects, has compassion, and loves each other as a close member of their own family.

FRIENDLY –  Everyone at Wings summer camp, from the director to the workers and everyone in between, are extremely friendly. Always willing to greet you, and your child, with a big smile, a hug, lots of excitement, enthusiasm, and energy is just a small part of the friendliness that your child will experience from the staff! All of the staff have a true, genuine passion for children and they love interacting with them every single day. Your child will leave feeling happy and eagerly anticipate returning the next day!

FABULOUS – With weekly themes that focus on things like the circus, zoo, cooking, nature, outer space, holidays, myth busters, superheroes, water world, fun/fitness, and Spy weeks, how can Wings Summer Camp NOT be fabulous?!  Special guest speakers each week that will have your child laughing, learning, questioning, and being active, are adding the fun of each week!  Just a few of the weekly guest speakers are Mr Twister, who will make ballon animals and have your child doing some circus activities and even making ballon animals. SD Outdoor Campus will allow your child to practice casting a fishing rod, hunting and fishing safety tips, and much much more. The Great Plains ZooMobile will have some animals for your child to safely touch, see, and experience first hand. The SF Police Department will have a special surprise of letting your child sit in a police car and see a trained police dog! 

Don’t miss out on the chance for your child to experience a fun, friendly, and fabulous Wings Summer Camp while feeling like family and building new friendships! 

Written by Jesse Rounds, Camp/Care Dept. Leader

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