Miles of Smiles in November - Wings Gymnastics

Miles of Smiles in November

The month of November brings big smiles around the gym.

We are coming hot off the heels of Halloween and straight into what I see as the perfect balance between fall and winter. November had us walking around with a big grin on our face.  Here are just a few of the ways.

“No-shave November”

A tradition known in the United States and Canada as a way to raise cancer awareness. We had a full understanding of how far our devoted dads would take this ritual.  Some were sporting an extra 5 o’clock shadow, while others a mere stubble.  Then walked in our no turning back, all-in loggers and lumberjacks with goatee’s and full-fledged beards. Well done!  Your significant other may not have appreciated the new you, but I guarantee the attention for the cause was commended.  I somehow missed the mutton chops and the Fu Manchu but I am hopeful next year a few of our true yellow & blue gym dads (you rock our world) are up for a challenge.

November 23rd, National “Expresso Day”.

Around the gym it is National “Express Yourself Day”.  As our first year of recognizing this particular day, we saw it as an extra opportunity to capture the kids with some of the unique and daily expressions we see. However, let’s face it, for the real deal nothing beats seeing all of this action in person. We may not have captured all of these expressions in just one day but here are a few that are common throughout the gym:


what the

hey man

are you serious- are you serious

send me a snap


visco gurl

In the gym I am proud to say you can spot kids laughing and having a good time while also seeing first-hand just how strong and courageous our athletes are; boys & girls.  The energy each one brings, and how they convey it is invigorating.  Work hard play hard, leave the gym sweating and smiling.

I am thankful for my dog.

Our tree of gratitude not only had all fur babies listed but all walks of life. Parents, this is where you pat yourselves on the back for raising amazing and grateful kids, even when you don’t feel like you are.  In a world of everything alexa, electronic and convenience items it is hard to believe that God, dogs, my brother, mom & dad rounded out the top five. If you saw how dormant the tree started out, bare branches and no color in sight. Then you can appreciate by the end of the month, the efforts involved removing the gloom and doom.  Kids didn’t write down their favorite toy, the best birthday gift ever or what they really would like for Christmas.  Branches were filled with colorful leaves, hundreds of thought out blessing, messages, names, and pictures.  So, I thank you all for your role in helping our tree flourish.  iPhone and iPad aside, what might start out as no end in sight may just surprise you and put a smile on your face.

It was evident that a smile was present in every corner of Wings all month-long. November’s vibe in and outside the gym largely impacted others.  A smile is known to be contagious. I wonder how many miles our smiles traveled in those 30 days.

We may not be the biggest, just the best!