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Safety Is Our #1 Concern!

City of Sioux Falls SOAR Team gives the thumbs up!

Wings opened in 2011 with a vision; “teach gymnastics in a fun and safe environment, where every child can feel successful, build self-esteem and gain confidence while learning through progressions in a non-competitive way”. No where does this state only when there isn’t a pandemic happening. Fast forward to the year 2020 and our vision literally could not be more fitting to the world we are living in. With safety being our number one concern then and now, we have done everything these last couple of months from temporarily closing the gym to building a whole new program over night. Wings Online, a place that specifically contains the best content that can be done safely at home.

And now today, here we are, eggar to finally get our gymnasts back inside the gym. A slow and steady phased approach is methodically planned out with safety always in the forefront as our number one concern. Following the CDC recommendations and incorporating our own procedures and protocols we invited the the City of Sioux Falls SOAR Team to tour Wings and review our comprehensive plan. We are pleased with their findings. The SOAR Team offered not only their “stamp of approval” on our procedures, protocols, and comprehensive plan but in turn asked permission as they would like to share our plan with other businesses in Sioux Falls as they begin to roll out a plan and the reopening process.

Whether your child is attending classes, summer camp or you are a parent wondering what, when and how, we have identified it. Should things change, CDC recommendations change etc., we will update accordingly.

Thank you all for your patience, love and support during these last few weeks.

Wings Management